Intronaut Release Collection Of Early Demos


Intronaut have released a collection of old demo recordings ranging from 2003-2005. The track listing and some history on the release can be found below:

01 – “Fragments Of Character” (drum machine/4 track demo 2003)
02 – “Burning These Days” (drum machine/4 track demo 2003)
03 – “Fragments Of Character” (w/ synth, live rehearsal demo 2004)
04 – “Burning These Days” (w/ synth, live rehearsal demo 2004)
05 – “Nostalgic Echo” (drum machine/4-track demo 2005)
06 – “A Monolithic Vulgarity” (drum machine/4-track demo 2005)
07 – “Teledildonics” (drum machine/4-track demo 2005)

Tracks 1-2
– This is the demo that started it all. In 2003, Danny approached Sacha about starting a band, and this demo was made using a cassette 4 track recorder, a drum machine, and a small practice amp. This was recorded before Joe or Leon were even in the picture.

Tracks 3-4
– When we first started playing together, we planned on having a 5th member on the synth and other auxiliary noise-making/sampling devices. For a few writing sessions, we tried out our friend Cristina Fuentes (of Sonic Death Rabbit) for the job. We ultimately decided it wasn’t really adding anything crucial to the songs, so we continued as a 4 piece. These two tracks are from one of our rehearsals with her, recorded on ye olde 4-track cassette machine.

Tracks 5-7
– These were done in 2005 to a 4-track cassette machine using a drum machine and a small practice amp (with a microphone taped up to it) during the writing for “Void.” Basically we came up with some of these riffs in the jam room and then demoed the song structure on the 4 track. This is something we still do, but we have upgraded to far less primitive recording gear!

A new Intronaut album is expected to surface later in the year.

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