Ozzy Osbourne & Bill Ward Are Still Feuding, Despite Ward Appearing With Black Sabbath


The mini-Black Sabbath reunion that occured yesterday at the Ivor Novello Awards may have suggested that steps were undertaken to have estranged drummer Bill Ward rejoin the band. NME chatted with the attending members of the group at the awards show, and unfortunately, the future still remains a mystery. Bassist Geezer Butler said that he had “absolutely no idea” if the band would be embarking on a farewell tour next year, as frontman Ozzy Osbourne had indicated they would in the past. Guitarist Tony Iommi added: “It’d be lovely to do a last tour, it’d be really nice to do that.” Osbourne was absent at the ceremony and the bitter dispute between him and Ward remains as well, as Ward stated:

“I’m in a huge dispute with Ozzy so that doesn’t really help and as far as I’m concerned, until that dispute is finished then I’m not gonna participate. They’ve already made an album without me so I’m sure they’d go on without me playing and that’s OK with me – I still love them just the same. I’d love to think I could [rejoin the band] but the things I’m asking for may be out of reach.”

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Iommi and Butler also confirmed that work has yet to begin on a new album from the band.

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