Deftones Frontman Chino Moreno Says He Drew Inspiration From Morrissey For New Album


Deftones frontman Chino Moreno had a talk with NME regarding the bands new album, which is tentatively due out September 25th. No album title or track titles have been decided upon yet, but Moreno did have a lot to say about the music featured upon it. He described the album as featuring lots of “keyboards and a lot of cool, spacey low frequencies.” He also said the songwriting process was more organic this time out, adding:

“…It was exactly how we had to do it, a clean slate. I’ve been on this crazy Morrissey tip recently – totally obsessing over his solo records – so I brought a lot of that to the table. On those early solo records, he uses this awesome, Elvis-y delay on his vocal that I’ve been ripping off a ton.” He laughs. “He’s always been a favorite lyricist of mine – the beautiful, poetic melancholy of it all.”

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He did go on to add though that there will be some heaviness in place:

“There are definitely heavy elements to the album. But, as usual for us, the jagged and coarse bits only make the sweeter parts even sweeter.”

The chat also found Moreno reflecting on the passing of their bassist Chi Cheng, as well as ruling out plans for any 20th anniversary tour behind “Adrenaline“.

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