Veil Of Maya

Veil Of Maya Streaming Their “Accessible” New Album “Matriarch”


With its official release date slated for tomorrow, May 12th, Veil Of Maya are streaming their entire new album “Matriarch” below via Billboard. Guitarist Marc Okubo told the aforementioned site of the album and its somewhat controversial addition of clean vocals courtesy of new frontman Lukas Magyar:

“We had been wanting to incorporate singing into our music for a while. We were even planning on having guest vocalists to help us before Lukas entered the picture. We got very lucky finding a dude that could both sing and scream. Lukas went beyond our expectations, so we decided to take it as far as we could.”

“Musically, I wanted to write our most accessible release. My goal was to maintain our progressive metal fans while also attracting new people that come from other musical backgrounds. Lyrically, Lukas wrote about the obstacles we face while pursuing our goals and overcoming them. Collectively, we wanted to make an inspiring, fresh and unique sound while still giving the familiar Veil vibe.”

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