Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm Take On Angry Fans After Pulling Show Over A Contractual Dispute


Alien Ant Farm pulled out of a show in Lancaster, PA on their recent tour with (hed)p.e. over the weekend after an apparent contractual dispute with the venue. According to the band, their merch guy/tech was ejected from the venue for selling merch and not giving a % of the profits to the venue—a commonplace practice negotiated in advance with most bands. Alien Ant Farm allege that there was no such contractual stipulation with the venue, offering the statement:

“Hey Friends, Unfortunately We Had To Pull Out Of Tonight’s Show In Lancaster, PA. The Venue Basically Kicked Out Our Friend And Crew Guy For Selling Merch And Not Giving The Venue A Percentage. Our Contract States Nothing Of The Sort. To Yank Our Guy Out Of The Room Is Extremely Upsetting And We Have Zero Tolerance For Such Actions. If You Wanna Private Message Me, Fernando Mitchell (Dryden) I Can Tell You Where We Will Be Hanging Tonight. At Least You Can Come Hang For A Drink And You Will Receive Free Copies Of Our New Record As Well As Shirts. Sorry To Those Who Came Out For THIS!!!”

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Things got uglier in the comments of the post with frontman Dryden Mitchell responding to fans, including some of the following exchanges:

Alien Ant Farm

Alien Ant Farm

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