System Of A Down’s John Dolmayan: “We Do Want To Get Together After The Tour To Talk About Writing”


Recently, System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian revealed that the group had written some new music. Despite the apparent creative outburst, drummer John Dolmayan was a bit more tight lipped regarding the potential of new songs. Speaking recently to via a conference call, Dolmayan stated:

“We do want to get together after the tour to talk about writing, but who knows. Maybe things will happen on this tour that will inspire songs. …Anything can surprise you.”

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The message is coming before the music though, as the group are readying for their ‘Wake The Souls Tour‘, which aims to spread awareness and official recognition of the Armenian genocide. Dolmayan said of the importantance of that:

“As the date gets closer and closer where we’re gonna embark on this tour, I’m getting more and more excited about it. That tends to happen for most tours, but for this one especially, since it’s culminating in Armenia. It’s even more impactful for me as an Armenian and as a musician. It’s something that transcends music. This is more important than the next System of a Down album. This is something that’s far-reaching and it’s actually bigger than the Armenian genocide itself. This is a world issue.”

Frontman Serj Tankian elaborated:

“What’s important to us is the fact that genocide still occurs today. There is no international, executable agreement irrespective of the Genocide Convention and many ad hoc committees around the world. There’s nothing that all nations have signed that says when a genocide is occurring, all bets are off. …It’s important to us to not just raise awareness, but to help bring justice to this cause.”

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