Testament Hoping To Hit The Studio This Summer


Testament have been writing and demoing new material for a number of months now, but that apparently doesn’t mean they are ready to hit the studio just yet. Vocalist Chuck Billy was recently interviewed by Full Metal Jackie [transcription via Loudwire] and was asked about the bands creative process and their new album, to which he replied:

“They [the songs] are constantly changing. They all just start with parts and ideas and hooks. They keep developing. I think we are at a stage where me and Eric [Peterson] have done a lot of demoing, just us two, and when we get out on the road over the next two or three months together we will have a lot of time to just work out what we have done on demoing and hopefully, by the time we get back in June/July we will hopefully be ready to get into the studio. This is nice that we get to go out and go on tour but we are actually looking forward to getting together and working on some new material together.”

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The touring Billy mentioned above is their ‘Dark Roots Of Thrash II Tour‘ with Exodus and Shattered Sun.

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