Otep Denies Claims Her Sexual Assault Allegations Were Financially Motivated, Terror Universal Removed From Tour


Otep Shamaya‘s bombshell allegations that she was sexually assaulted (in her own words he “violently grabbed my crotch”) by the singer of Terror Universal earlier in the year have had some fairly immediate consequences. As Otep explained yesterday, her band dropped out of the ‘Civil Unrest Tour‘ when Terror Universal were added to the bill. Kittie have since taken Otep‘s place on the bill, but Terror Universal will now no longer be a part of it. A statement was issued by headliners Ill Nino on the matter:

ILL NINO does not condone any forced act of violence or sexual nature towards any human beings, nor will we tolerate violations of one’s personal space. This also goes for cyber-bullying, or making demeaning comments towards ANYONE on social media. We strongly support equality for all.

We would like to draw closure by stating that the CIVIL UNREST TOUR will continue without participation from either OTEP or TERROR UNIVERSAL. We’re looking forward to hitting the road, reuniting with our fans and friends, and also sharing the stage with our tour brothers, and sisters, KITTIE & 36 CRAZYFISTS. Stay tuned, more bands to be added!!”

The decision was likely a tough one for Ill Nino, as both their guitarist Ahrue Luster and drummer Dave Chavarri are thought to be members of the masked metal outfit Terror Universal. Meanwhile, Shamaya has see her share of both controversy and support since making the allegation.

The tour’s organizers claimed that Otep‘s statement and allegations were financially motivated and an attempt at “blackmail” and “extortion.” Speaking through Twitter last night, Otep disputed those claims:

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