Kid Rock Says Nu Metal Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time, Limp Bizkit Were Horrible To Roadies

0 have posted some tidbits that didn’t make their recent story on Kid Rock. In the original story, Kid Rock reflected on his career and his late 90’s nu metal heyday, stating of it:

“I was like, ‘This has gotta work.’ So what’s popular? Korn. I knew I can do that shit in my sleep. But let me throw in ‘Only God Knows Why‘ and ‘Cowboy‘ so I can have a career.”

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The site have now shared 21 other things they learned from hanging with Kid Rock (see here,) and one of them involves Limp Bizkit around the height of their popularity as well.

On how touring with Limp Bizkit showed him not to treat his roadies:

“I always told my band, ‘You see how Limp Bizkit treats their roadies and shit? We don’t do that.’ I was like, ‘These people are helping us. They’re not trying to harm us. We’re all working together.’ Then we saw Metallica, and they treat their people great. We want to be like them. We want to treat everybody good. Don’t spit on people. Don’t throw microphones at them. Don’t get pissed off. We want to go a long way, and that’s not how you treat people.

I had been in the trenches for a lot of years. I was like, ‘Let’s not fuck this up by being brats. I’ll be a brat on the stage. When we get the fuck off, we fucking treat them like they’re part of our fucking family. And luckily, I was right. ‘Cause that fucking helped. You see who’s still standing.”

On how to fix the current state of rock music:

“That fucking nu-metal shit? I think rock radio missed the boat. You listen to these country artists – they’re fucking playing rock music! If they would embrace that, I don’t know if you’d call it ‘heartland rock,’ but they gotta mix it up a little bit. But [nu-metal bands have] stuck with heavy shit that’s not melodic and doesn’t stand the test of time.”

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