Phil Anselmo Working On New EP With Horror Film Star Bill Moseley


Actor/musician Bill Moseley (‘House Of 1000 Corpses‘, ‘The Devil’s Rejects‘) spoke with Elliot of and revealed he has a project in the works with metal legend, Phil Anselmo. He said of the undertaking:

“Just actually last week I was down in Louisiana working with a guy named Phil Anselmo. Phil was in a band called Pantera, and now has a band called Down…”

Moseley later offered:

“The music that I made with Phil Anselmo, we’re gonna put out like a mini-cd. We did four songs in like three days. The album is going to be called “Phil And Bill“, it’s “Phil & Bill: Songs Of Death And Despair“. So that oughta be another cheerful, cheerful, addition to the music world.”