Korn Being Sued By Ex-Drummer David Silveria


Korn are being sued by ex-drummer David Silveria and TMZ have got their hands on the documents, in which Silveria alleges that his 2006 departure from the band was merely a hiatus. Silveria is said to have retained an ownership interest in the band and was apparently ready to rejoin them back in 2013, only to be rebuked.

According to TMZ, Silveria is seeking to have the band disclose how much money they have earned since his departure so he can get his alleged share and then have the partnership dissolved. Silveria also apparently cites guitarist Brian “Head” Welch‘s return to the band after a long absence as a particular sticking point, given that he didn’t receive a similar return.

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Given the timeframe, it would seem the various degrading comments Silveria made towards the band back in 2013, were likely spurred by his frustration at the time.