Zombi Return To “Live Band Mode” For New Album, Anthology Release Due In April


Recording sessions have begun for Zombi‘s sixth full-length album. The group are keeping the production in-house for this affair, tracking it at Machine Age Studios in Pittsburgh, PA and Steve Moore‘s own private studio in NY. Relapse will release the new album, which is due to feature nine new songs, later this year. Bassist/keyboardist Moore said of the new material:

“It’s a rock record – think of it as a follow up to Surface to Air. There are no techno jams or symphonic prog fantasies. No solo track interludes. It’s dark and heavy. Live drums on every song and lots of bass guitar. We have officially moved from “studio project” mode back into “live band” mode.”

Drummer A.E. Paterra added:

“The last time we sat down together in the same space, just the two of us, along with drums, bass guitar, and a couple synths, was back in 2005. To be able to do that again was great, and we crafted more than 90% of this album out of pieces we composed together during sessions from the past year.”

Prior to that Relapse will release the bands earliest recordings as “The Zombi Anthology” on April 21st. A trailer for that collection is available below with pre-orders up here.