Welcome To The Brand New!


Welcome to the all new Around a year ago development started on this redesign and while life got in the way more than a few times, I’m pretty stoked with how it all came together. Forefathers Group delivered the crisp new front end graphic design and Chris Spicuzza worked tirelessly on all the programming and backend work, adding a lot of new features.

While I remain hopeful that everything will be a smooth experience as we did a boatload of testing, launching a site into a live environment (on a brand new server no less) is always a learning experience. So if you see a bug, let us know in the comments of this post as we’ll be actively monitoring it and your feedback.

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New Features:

  • There’s a top to bottom responsive design. What this means is the site will now scale to your viewing capabilities. Mobile is also now natively supported and you should no longer have to pinch and zoom just to read a post, yay.
  • The Reviews and Releases section have both been given a complete overhaul. There’s new voting options on the reviews (I guess this means I need to start writing them again) and more versatility when it comes to seeing what’s coming next. You can also find streams of albums in the Releases section, which also now has a searchable database.
  • There’s also post voting to better determine which stories you enjoy reading and should be featured, plus a number of various overhauled little extras you’ll discover for yourself along the way.

Thanks for coming here all these years (or however long you have been coming here) and feel free to weigh in with your thoughts below.