All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Responds To Controversy Over His LGBT, Etc. Comments


All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte‘s recent comments on his usage of homophobic slurs and his views the plight of black people & the LGBT community caused quite a stir. Labonte has now responded to that via his Facebook, offering

“Seen a lot of brouhaha on the interwebs about the revolver article. Of course lots of people are saying I should be beat up or killed or I should kill myself. So, basically the blogs n commenters on said blogs are saying this, “freedom of speech, so long as you don’t offend me.” So these people are of the same mindset of the people who said the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris were justified because some things are just too offensive. I fully understand that to some people it is offensive to hear the word “faggot”. I get it, you’re fragile and words give you ouchies. But remember what you’re asking for when you decry protecting the freedom of speech.

“We don’t protect the freedom of speech so we can talk about sports, we protect it so we can say very very controversial things” – Ron Paul”

All That Remains will release a new album titled “The Order Of Things” on February 24th.

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