All That Remains’ Phil Labonte Weighs In On Homophobic And Racist Slurs


All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte has again addressed his usage of homophobic slurs, some of which caused quite a stir a few years back. In the latest issue of Revolver (January 2015) Labonte was asked what was the first thing he did or said that really offended people, to which he replied:

“In 2005, on the Sounds Of The Underground DVD I said, “PC is for faggots.” That was the first time people went, “Whoa, what did he say?” I have nothing against gay people. It’s just a word. Honestly, I think the only people that have a legit grievance when it comes to any racial slurs is the black community. I know the homosexual community has problems with it and I understand their hurt feelings.

But homosexuals were never property. They’ve had a rough time and I’m not trying to minimize that, but I think the black community has a whole lot more room to be upset about a word than the LGBT community. It’s one thing to say, “This guy said something and it hurt my feelings and it bummed me out and it sucks.” Okay, that’s a good perspective. But I don’t know that you need a whole social movement.

When it comes to the shit that black people have gone through I think it’s okay to be like, “Well you know, that was seriously fucked up.” We need to do something about this.”

All That Remains‘ new album “The Order Of Things” hits stores on February 25th.

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