In This Moment’s Maria Brink: “When I Walk Out On Stage Now, I’m Confident. I Know That They’re Gonna Love Me.”


In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink has told Rocksverige of her struggles on making her way into the male-dominated world of metal and the confidence she has found to overcome. When asked if she’s felt she had to prove herself more than a man would in the metal genre, she replied:

“I don’t think so. I think that’s self-inflicted. I fed into this story in my head that because I’m a girl it’s harder and no one’s taking me serious. I do know that actually trying to get into a heavier band, that was a bit more challenging, because they couldn’t hear me sing. It said “Inspiration: Pantera, Deftones, Korn. Looking for a singer!” and then I would call them and say “Hi, can I audition for your band?” and they were like “What? No!”.

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That part was tricky, but once you’re in the position to where you have that band and you’re out there, you have to not think like that anymore. If you think like that, I think you’re kinda creating that. If I just think “It doesn’t matter if I’m a girl or a guy, it comes down to what I have to offer?” When you’re there, it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you are. When you’re putting on a show and the music’s playing and you’re performing, that’s what’s gonna speak. Once you start performing, that’s the truth right there!

Are you good or are you not? It’s all really in your personal mindset. I’ve had 500 people scream “Show me your tits!” at Ozzfest at the same time. I used to let that have power over me and I used to think that I had to be really tough and scream at the crowd and be like a boy, to be taken seriously.

It was all bullshit! When I walk out on stage now, I’m confident. I know that they’re gonna love me, I know that I have my craft down and I’m in charge. They feel you and they know what’s authentic and if you’re insecure and questioning it, they know it. If you’re in charge and you just feel like “I own you, so you might as well ride the ride with me!”, they get it and they do. It’s all inside.”

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