Miss Fortune Frontman Arrested For Domestic Assault, Band Dropped By Sumerian Records


Miss Fortune have found themselves without a record label after their frontman Mikey Sawyer was arrested and jailed for domestic assault and battery in Tulsa, OK. As it turns out Sawyer was arrested on the charge in Tulsa, OK on October 24th and is due in court on November 04th. The band initially made the following announcement regarding the situation:

“Dear fans and friends alike, we are sad and sorry to announce that we will no longer be performing on the Get Real Tour with The Word Alive and others. Sometimes things are just out of our control. We love you all and hope we can see you again. We still encourage you to go out and see The Word Alive and the other bands on the tour.
Josh Kikta, Ian Marchionda, Harley Graves, Max Santoro

Following that, Sumerian Records opened the flood gates, adding:

Sumerian Records has dropped Miss Fortune. We do not condone domestic violence, nor would we ever support an artist that does. – Ash

A follow-up statement made by Miss Fortune on the matter read:

“We’d like to point out that the actions of one band member do not represent the actions and viewpoints of the entire band. Yes our singer Mikey is in jail, but no we DO NOT condone his actions. We DO NOT condone domestic abuse. If you’ve met anyone of us in person I’m sure you know we’re a cool bunch of dudes. Saying Miss Fortune condones domestic abuse is a lie, so stop saying it. Thank you.
Josh Kikta, Ian Marchionda, Harley Graves, Max Santoro

Below you can find Sawyer‘s mugshot. Meanwhile, the charges specify that this was apparently Sawyer‘s first offense. Myka,Relocate will take their spot on the upcoming ‘Get Real Tour‘ with The Word Alive, The Color Morale and more.

Miss Fortune's Mikey Sawyer

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