Attila Speak Of Guitarist’s Departure, Chris Fronzak Further Explains Use Of Homophobic Slur


Attila have publically addressed the departure of guitarist Nate Salameh. The group used Twitter to convey the following of his exit:

“Yes, we have parted ways with @attilanate. All is good though, and things will continue full force! Thank you all for being awesome”

Meanwhile, band frontman Chris Fronzak has furthered defended himself against accusations of being homophobic. Following this message earlier today in regards to the use of a homophobic slur in the bands new song “Proving Grounds“, he has returned with the following ‘public announcement’:

“PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: The song #ProvingGrounds is about how when people doubt you, you should prove them WRONG. Turn their hatred into positivity!

People have always talked shit to me my entire life & I’ve used it as a positive influence to work harder. People always tried to make me feel bad & call me a “faggot” but who’s the faggot now?

Just take it for what it is, be positive and become the best you can be : )


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