Madball & Against Me! Members Throw Some More Shade At Rumored New Slipknot Drummer


Yesterday the long-rumored new drummer of Slipknot, Jay Weinberg, was called a shitbag by his former bandmate, Laura Jane Grace of Against Me!. Today another former bandmate of Weinberg‘s—Madball‘s Jorge “Hoya Roc” Guerra—has voiced his support of Grace‘s comment, offering his support via the tweet seen after the break. Meanwhile, a number of tweets followed Grace‘s initial shitbag comment yesterday, those included:

“We once had a drummer who sprained his ankle and wanted our tour manager to call 911 and have an ambulance come for him #entitlement”

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“When our tour manager said no the drummers Daddy called him and scolded him saying the drummer was a “star” and needed to be treated as such”

“We once had a drummer who would go behind our back and tell house light people to focus all stage lights on him. #entitlement”

“We once had a drummer who threatened to sue us after he quit via twitter #entitlement”

“We once had a drummer who told me to move aside on stage cause the audience couldn’t see enough of him #entitlement”

“I’m just kidding, none of that ever happened.”

Grace did later throw a compliment Weinberg‘s way however:

“he’s seriously a fantastic drummer. Natural talent. Hits fucking haaard!”



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