Nachtmystium Mastermind Blake Judd Accused Of Ripping Off Fans


Nachtmystium founder Blake Judd has again come under fire, this time for allegedly ripping off fans. Judd has allegedly failed to fulfill pre-order packages for his bands latest album “The World We Left Behind“.

Once again the bands official Facebook has been pulled offline amidst the wave of backlash from angry fans. In turn, fans have taken to forming this Facebook group, which they pledge is to “raise awareness of Blake Judd of Nachtmystium and his illegal actions, primarily stealing from fans and not fulfilling orders for merch.”

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MetalSucks reached out to Judd a few weeks prior about the situation, to which at the time he replied:

“I am simply waiting for Century Media to deliver my copies of the new album [The World We Left Behind] so I can send out the preorder bundles… I’ve posted about it repeatedly on our page. We did a preorder bundle for a signed CD or LP plus tshirt and patch package…. I have everything except the records, which I expect this week. When they arrive, everything goes out.”

Despite the album being released on August 05th, outcry of unfulfilled orders continues. Judd was arrested on theft charges back in late 2012 and underwent treatment for his opiate addictions. Not long after that he decided to end Nachtmystium before announcing he would forge ahead with the outfit this past July.

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