Isis (The Band) Struggling With The Fallout Of Sharing A Name With Jihadists


Though they disbanded in June of 2010, Isis have largely kept their catalog and merch alive via their Facebook. With the rise of ‘ISIS’ (aka the Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria) and the ensuing conflict in the Middle East, the bands life after death hasn’t gotten any easier. They’ve recently had to alter their profile to reflect that they are the band and not the Jihadist state.

Former drummer Aaron Harris (now of Palms) told that the situation has caught them off guard and that some fans have been reluctant to wear the groups merch as a result.

Despite the fallout, Ipecac Recordings claim that the bands merch sales have not been affected by the negative association. The situation is unfortunate, but not unprecedented. You may recall that Anthrax underwent somewhat similar troubles during the 2001 Anthrax attacks.