Ex-Lostprophets Frontman Ian Watkins & Female Co-Defendant’s Appeal For Lessened Prison Sentences Denied


Imprisoned ex-Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins‘ appeal for a lessened prison sentence has been denied. Legal representatives for both Watkins and an unidentified woman who was also sentenced in his case were in Cardiff Crown Court today, July 23rd, arguing for lessened sentences for the pair.

Watkins himself was sentenced to-35 years for various child sex related crimes. The woman involved sought to lessen her 17-year sentence for her role in the heinous crimes.

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Watkins‘ representative Sally O’Neill argued that the sentence “was too high” and the “totality” of it was “simply too great” in respect of the offenses. Woman B’s legal representative Simon Smith meanwhile portrayed his client as a victim who had a high need for acceptance. Watkins had in fact already received a 10% discount on his sentence for entering a guilty plea and sparing the cost of a trial.

The three-judge panel will hand down their reasons for denying the appeals later in the week. It should also be noted that Watkins was absent both in-person and via video link at the proceedings. For a detailed report on the matter, head to

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