Struc/tures Forced To Drop Off 2014 ‘All Stars Tour’, Sylar Added To The Bill


Struc/tures‘ issues entering the US have now seen them have to scrap their planned run on this years ‘All Stars Tour‘. Sylar have now been added to the bill as a result. Struc/tures said of their woes:

“As some of you know by now, we were unable to cross into the US due to unforeseen boarder issues last Sunday, and it breaks our heart to say that that we’re unable to resolve it in time to be able to do The All Stars Tour. Having just released “Life Through A Window“, this tour was very important for us to get the word out and play these new songs for you guys.

We will be making it priority to hit the places were missing in the upcoming months once this is sorted out. Please go to the shows and support all the bands, we seriously wish we could be there and do what we love with all of you.


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