Burzum’s Varg Vikernes Says The First Day Of His Trial For Inciting Racial Hatred Went “Very Well”


The trial of Burzum‘s Varg Vikernes is underway in France. The 41-year faces charges of inciting racial hatred and exalting war crimes stemming from posts he allegedly made on his blog, In addition to those postings, authorities also found material of an anit-Semitic nature on his computer.

The articles in question were written between March and June of 2013 and targetted both Muslims and Jews. Thus far he has denied writing the entries in question, telling the court [via AAP] “I did not write the things that appear in the summons.” This denial of involvement seems to be a key defense strategy as Vikerenes also told the court that the Norwegian secret police have stated that “at any given moment 350 people pretending to be Varg Vikernes on Facebook”, and that “anybody can very easily put up a blog”.

A video report from the trial, including word from Vikernes himself, can be seen after the break with the man Vikernes stating that he felt the first day went “very well.”

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