The Plot In You’s Landon Tewers Wants To Kill Blood On The Dance Floor, Cats & More In His New “Worst Song”


The Plot In You frontman Landon Tewers has released a new song which he describes as the “worst song in the world”. Lyrical highlights from it include:

“I wanna kill every member of Blood On The Dance Floor, cut em up and let my dogs eat their flesh for days”

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“I wish every single cat in the world would fall in a sewer and drown. All cats must die”

“I think I’m gay, some days I just wanna rot away. I wanna crawl in an old woman’s vagina and just fall asleep”

Tewers said of his apparent plans for the song:

“I’m gonna write the worst EP ever written. 6 unique tracks. One track will just be an alarm clock going off for 10 minutes.”

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