Five Finger Death Punch Hoping To Release New Album In 2015


Five Finger Death Punch will likely have a new album out by the spring. As guitarist Zoltan Bathory tells Billboard:

“[We’ve got] five, six ideas or roughs already in the can. I would say next spring we would want to put something out, so that means this year we’ll be recording here and there and probably go into the studio in December or January. But we definitely want to have something out before next summer for sure. In this environment I don’t think that bands can allow themselves to stay in a studio for two, three, four years and wait and try to write some masterpiece. In four years people are going to forget about you. You have go put out records. Thank God we have plenty to say and plenty of material. We don’t struggle for material — obviously.”

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More on the bands writing process and plans can be found at the above-mentioned link.

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