Nachtmystium’s Blake Judd Makes Hate Meditation His ‘Main Band’


With Nachtmystium being put to rest this summer (tentatively on June 10th) with the release of their farewell album, “The World We Left Behind“; band centerpiece Blake Judd has turned his attention to Hate Meditation. That project of his will now be his main band with the following update being issued of it:

“Although Nachtmystium is no more, Blake Judd is continuing his musical voyage via his long-time side project and now main band, HATE MEDITATION. For those of you who are not familiar with Hate Meditation but are Nachtmystium fans, Hate Meditation was originally started in 2003 by Judd as a side project from Nachtmystium. The 2003 three song demo “Condemned to Death” was recorded and released in very small numbers on cassette and distributed within the black metal underground. The project then lie dormant for nearly ten years.

In 2012, Judd revived the project and recorded the bands debut album “Scars“, which was released on Indie Recordings, Norway. “Scars” is a piece of ugly, filthy black metal that pays homage to the early 90’s Scandinavian sound heavily… Musically, Hate Meditation‘s future recordings will pick up where Nachtmystium left off.

The first live assaults are being planned for summer 2014 in the United States and their are plans to hopefully be in Europe in early 2015…”