Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Reviews Floor’s “Oblation”


Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has reviewed Floor‘s new album “Oblation” for An excerpt of what he had to say of the bands first album to be released in a decade can be found below:

“…It’s a real treat for me to write about a record this heavy. And Oblation is really, really, really heavy. But what the hell is that supposed to mean? In about 10 minutes, I could crank out a two-paragraph write-up that would satisfy most metal magazine editors, neatly cramming the band into a compartmentalized combination of a few of the seemingly endless and ridiculously specific sub-genres that continually rise up like stress-induced acne from the over-analytical minds of OCD metal fans.

Then, only because Floor has clean vocals and a hook or two, I would just add the tag “-pop” on the end: “stoner-pop”, “sludge-pop,” “doom-pop”… um, can anyone tell me WHAT IN THE FUCK does any of that mean? It sounds like a bunch of horrible ice cream flavors. Such lazy scrawling would be incomprehensible to the average reader; even worse, it would fail to do justice to the complex majesty of this record.

Oblation is a record that should be heard and enjoyed by more than just fans of the heavier variety of underground music. The tunes are thoughtfully written, beautifully played, and sonically dynamic. Instead of detracting from those qualities, the sheer sonic heft of Oblation‘s songs merely serves to emphasize and expand their effectiveness. Most of the songs could be performed by bands of a much, much lighter ilk and still stand up — but they wouldn’t have the same overwhelming impact if they didn’t rumble the bowels the way they do à la Floor.”

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