E.Town Concrete Frontman: “I Coulda Been Fred Durst Right Now God Damnit”


In a reflective interview with Shed My Skin TV, E.Town Concrete spoke of coming up during the nu metal boom and their experiences and struggles touring with bands from the genre. As vocalist Anthony “Ant-Money” Martini jokingly put it at one point in the chat:

“We got to do a lot of cool shit, we can look back and be grateful have no regrets about it. I mean maybe I regret that we didn’t sell out sooner… I coulda been Fred Durst right now god damnit. We shoulda had “Southtown” in this motherfucker.”

The band later went into how various people mistook the P.O.D. track “Southtown” as being an E.Town Concrete track, telling them they had heard them on the radio.

Throughout the course of the newly-posted chat, which took place last September, the band look back at their career and the obstacles they faced trying to establish their more hardcore oriented mix of rap & metal during the nu metal boom.