The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Ben Weinman: “It Feels Like Formulaic, Over-Produced, Soulless “Metal” Is Being Seen For What It Is”


The Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Ben Weinman was one of the many artists involved in a series of Q&A’s over at You can read what Weinman had to say to some of the questions below. You can also find answers to the same queries from members of Baroness, Gorguts, Propagandhi, Funeral For A Friend and Deafheaven  here.

Replying to his thoughts on the state of metal/hardcore in 2014, Weinman stated:

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“Metal and hardcore are more exciting now than they’ve been since the mid ’90s. It feels like formulaic, over-produced, soulless “metal” is being seen for what it is, and an exciting resurgence of underground hardcore and metal is emerging. The underground grindcore and hardcore scenes are starting to resemble something similar in ethic to what I remember when I was coming up with Dillinger: Bands are creating music and playing shows knowing there’s no way in hell they’re ever going to be on commercial radio or played in an Apple commercial.”

When asked what metal or hardcore cliché needs to die, he offered:

“Every metalcore, mathcore, metalcore, whatevercore band uses the same exact guitar simulation tone and drum samples. Meshuggah is great, but you are not Meshuggah—stop!”

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