Aborted Cover Sepultura’s “Arise” For New “Scriptures Of The Dead” 7″


Aborted will be releasing a new limited edition 7″ titled “Scriptures Of The Dead” for their March East Coast US tour and April North American tour supporting Kataklysm. The effort will be limited to 500 copies with the title track to their new album “The Necrotic Manifesto” featured on the a-side and a cover of Sepultura‘s “Arise” on the b-side. You can check out the artwork for the 7″ after the break while band frontman Sven de Caluwé said of the effort:

“Since we have our new album coming out right after our North American tour with Kataklysm, we thought we would offer the fans an exclusive opportunity to get some new music before the release of the album, therefor Century Media and yours truly came up with a devious plot to release a very limited 7″ that will be on sale on tour containing one new track ‘Necrotic Manifesto‘ and an exclusive cover track from Sepultura‘s ‘Arise‘.

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Now if that’s not the extra incentive you all need to come get your faces melt off on the east coast extirpation dates or the kill the elite tour, I don’t know what is! (Besides maybe cheesecake). If you don’t live anywhere near where we will be touring, worry not, there will be a very limited amount of this 7″ available on our online store and CM distro…”

The Necrotic Manifesto” is on course for an April 29th North American release on Century Media.




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