Malevolent Creation Fire Their “Gay Drummer”, Claim He Couldn’t Play Their Music


Malevolent Creation have acrimoniously parted ways with their drummer Gus Rios. They also made sure to let loose some parting shots on his way out, releasing the following statement via Facebook:

“We have fired our gay drummer Gus Rios and replaced him with a drummer that can play our songs and is a very famous drummer in death metal.Now we have a drummer that can play our music and play drums on our albums.!!!1 No more fake editing drumming from Gus!!!! Be happy people!!! We have a real drummer again and can play all the music from all our albums again!!!!1″

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The post has since been pulled. Rios himself was far more diplomatic on his departure, offering the below to Sick Drummer Magazine:

“After several years, I have decided to part ways permanently with Malevolent Creation. The simple reason is personal differences.

I appreciate all of the people I’ve worked with during my time with the band and want to thank all of them. I’m sure we’ll work together again in the future with another band. Most of all, I would like to thank all of the fans who have supported the band! I’m sure you will continue to support.

This opens me up for bands in need of a touring and/or recording drummer, as well as a full-time position if the situation is right…”