Whitechapel’s Alex Wade Defends The Bands Crowdfunding Campaign


Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade has commented on the criticism the band have faced since launching this crowdfunding campaign yesterday, January 14th. Speaking through his Twitter, Wade offered:

“It’s funny to see people talk shit about us asking for $35k to produce a DVD. You have no reference of how much things cost. It’s actually going to cost more than that to produce the DVD but we set the goal lower so we didn’t seem unreasonable to our fans.

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Crowd funding is simple. Why would we take a loan from our label and go into debt, when we can have our fans who want the DVD help fund it? That way we have the money to make the best DVD we can and our fans can feel like they were directly a part in making it happen!”

If you missed it, Wade was also vocal about music piracy on the internet recently as well. A new studio album from Whitechapel is due out later this year.