Whitechapel Guitarist: “How Can A Piece Of Shit Thrown On Bread Be The Same Price As Something That Takes Months To Make”


Whitechapel guitarist Alex Wade raised some points against music piracy via some recent tweets he made. Speaking through his Twitter account, Wade stated:

“No band member should feel “lame” for listening to their own music. I love jamming the shit out of our tunes after we finish an album. If you felt what I feel spending 10 months of putting a record together then hearing the finished product you’d listen to your own music too”

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“It takes us 10 months to make a record for $10 and McDonalds 2 minutes to make a meal for $10, the value that is put on music is too little. How can a piece of shit thrown on bread be the same price as something that takes months to make, and some people would rather buy the shit? Notice I said “some people”, I know a lot of you awesome fans would rather buy a CD and we appreciate it more than you know!”

Whitechapel‘s newest opus will arrive later this year and has now been both recorded and mixed with Mark Lewis (The Black Dahlia Murder, DevilDriver) handling both the production and mixing duties.