Early Candiria Releases Coming On Vinyl


Candiria guitarist John LaMacchia is planning vinyl releases of some of the bands earlier material. Read on for his new update on the matter via the bands Facebook:

“Hey folks, John from Candiria here. Just a quick heads up and announcement. Besides all the exciting news about Candiria putting together new material for an EP and then a possible full length a little later down the line, I have also been working on getting some of the older material released on vinyl for the very first time, ever!!! First up, Candiria‘s second full length release, Beyond Reasonable Doubt.

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This album means so much to me on a personal level. As I am sure it does to the rest of the band and of course, most importantly, our fans that have been with us since the early days. When the band was just beginning to make some real noise in the New York Hard Core and Metal scene and just beginning to play outside of NYC and NY State.

The plan is to pay homage to the release and keep it as close to it’s original format as humanly possible but at the same time, in true Candiria fashion, do something new and exciting with it. That being said, we are at the very beginning stages of putting together the artwork in LP format, choosing colors for the vinyl and remastering the album for a vinyl release.

In the mean time it would be great to hear some feedback about what our fans think of the earlier material being released on vinyl, any ideas you may all have and just a general show of hands of how many of you are psyched about this. That would be a big help. Thank you all so much for supporting us and if you’d like to check out my label, here’s a link. Thank you!!”

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