Wayne Static Says “Rob Zombie Was White Zombie And I Was Static-X”, Speaks On Ian Watkins & More


Wayne Static of Static-X fame has again opened up on the various conflicts that led to the acrimonious legalities that currently prevent him from using the Static-X name. He also weighed in on felony drug charges he recently faced and his thoughts on former Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins.

A shared  Static-X trademark between Static and former bassist Tony Campos (now of Soulfly) is the main issue, with the pair unable to come to terms. Speaking with, he said of the events that led to the current standstill which has seen Static out on the road, touring under his own moniker.

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” It was basically attorneys talking – I never spoke to Tony. We came up with a dollar amount where I would license the Static-X name and go out on tour. And… it was just too much money. I had to keep playing six shows a week non-stop in order to pay him what he wanted. Eventually my house went.

I developed a really bad hernia. I had to cancel the tour and go have surgery. It was at that point where I was like “Fuck all this lawyer stuff. I’m gonna email Tony because I haven’t fucking spoke to him in like over five years.” We weren’t even talking at the end of Static-X.

So I emailed him and said I had to have surgery, can I get some time off and let’s put our deal on hold and wait until I get better then we’ll start up again. And you can start making money again for doing nothing.

He pretty much told me to fuck off and keep paying. And that was it. I was like alright, thanks dude [laughs]. He was like “You told people in interviews we weren’t friends so fuck you”. That’s what he told me, literally, that’s what he said in his email. I’m like sorry I hurt your feeling you fucking baby.

Jesus Christ I have to go get fucking hernia surgery. So that’s the dynamic. He fucking hates me and won’t let me use the Static-X name. I have a new manager and she recently reached out to him and asked if he wanted to rejoin the band and tour and he doesn’t want to.

He’s in Soulfly and he’s happy so he wants nothing to do with Static-X but he won’t let me use the name. So… Static-X is dead. I tried, you know. I did my best. In reality though, it doesn’t even fucking matter because I’ve had a bunch of players and nobody cares.

It may sound egotistical but it’s the fucking truth – I wrote all the songs [laughs]. Rob Zombie was White Zombie and I was Static-X. I wrote and produced everything. Other than Tony all the other guys were hired players.

So fuck it, it’s just name. I have a slamming band behind me right now and we’re going out and playing all the old Static-X songs and a couple off my last solo record. We have a good time and the shows have the same vibe as Static-X, I just can’t call it that.”

When asked whether or not there was something else to Campos issues with Static he suggested that “Everything changed when I got married. Everyone, the band, the crew, everyone treated my wife like shit.”

Static married former porn actress Tera Wray in 2008 and she seemingly became a big influence in the band, appearing on stage with them, while songs on the bands 2009 album were titled “Stingwray” and “Tera-Fied“.

When asked why everything changed following his marriage, he offered:

“I don’t know. I’m sure I acted differently after I got married, I know I did. But… people get married and things change. It doesn’t mean that the band has to break up. It’s not like we were all best buddies and hung out every day. I don’t know, man, everyone started treating us differently, treating my wife like shit and making her cry every day.

The last tour we did together Tony and I didn’t even talk to each other or look one another in the eye. It’s pathetic man… Its fucking stupid. Now he hates me so much he won’t even let me use the name.

I’m still willing to pay him to use the name because I can make more money at the shows because of the name. But no he’s like “Fuck you boo hoo hoo.” Alright, I guess we’re done. Can’t say I didn’t try [laughs].”

He continued:

“Well, I wanted Tera on tour with me, so she was always with me. She was with me during interviews too. We love each other. I wanna have her with me at all times. She came on stage and danced for a few songs and… I think Tony didn’t like that.

I think it pissed him off. I think he thought “she’s not in the band, she shouldn’t be here.” But the reality of it was, we’d do interviews and she’d just sit there. He didn’t like the fact that she was around all the time.

For all I know maybe he thought he should’ve hooked up with her and ended up married to her so maybe he’s jealous. I don’t know. I don’t fucking know. I could give a shit if we did an interview and his girlfriend was sitting next to us.

The funny thing is, before we got married and she was a porn star she rode with us on the bus for a whole year, [and] everyone loved her then. When she was a porn star, everything was awesome.

Then we got married and everything changed. I don’t know why. You can call up Tony and interview him to ask him why he hates me so much. (laughing).”

Static also opened up on felony drug charges he recently faced following the cancellation of a 2012 tour for hernia surgery, offering:

“It was really hard dude! I had to cancel a fucking tour! My fucking tour manager ended up getting involved in a drug deal and he tried to pin it on me and Tera. So we had felony drug charges in Kentucky that we were fighting so I had to pay $20,000 out of my own pocket and went fucking bankrupt.

I had to file fucking bankruptcy fighting these fucking drug charges that my tour manager put on us.

Then I find out he was embezzling from me… All this while I’m recovering from surgery… I couldn’t even walk for two months. Then I’m flying back and forth to Kentucky hiring and firing attorneys and it took a whole year but we finally got this shit dropped.

I’m finally vindicated. I’m not this fucking crazy drug dealer. I don’t fucking do drugs you know? I have some drinks at night but that’s it. But… Tony’s really good friends with my old tour manager who I fired after getting me into all this trouble so that has something to do with it too…

Who knows what this guy has told him, you know what I mean? I get pissed off talking about it you know? Why can’t we just put this all aside. He should be kissing my fucking ass that I made his fucking career. But instead, he’s pulling the legal shit on me.”

Static also was also asked to share his take on ex-Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkinsguilty pleas to various child sex charges given the 2005 arrest and conviction of former Static-X guitarist Tripp Eisen on statutory rape and kidnapping charges of a fifteen year old girl. To that he replied:

“Sometimes I don’t even like meeting bands that I like because if they turn out to be dicks then I don’t wanna listen to them anymore. But I went through that.

My old guitarist was arrested for statutory rape. It really set my career back for a while and casual fans think that I’m a pedophile. I’ve had people threaten to fucking kill me because they thought I was this pedophile. “

He explained:

“Yeah, I know, it’s ancient history – it was like eight or nine years ago. But people remember shit and people who aren’t fans but know who Static-X is that might be the only thing in the back of their minds. That fuckng dude….. ugh. That pissed me off so bad. He really fucking set my career back by doing that shit.

We were right in the middle of recording ‘Start a War’. He had gone home for Christmas break and apparently that’s when all this shit happened. So he actually played on half that record then I wrote and played all the guitars on the other half like the oldschool shit on ‘Machine’.

That was when we decided to bring Koichi back and he was already working on some keyboards for us. It was really cool that he was willing to come back and all the old school fans were really happy about that. So it kind of helped smooth things over a bit.”

The full interview also details Static‘s time on antidepressants, his bout with suicidal thoughts and more and can be read in full over at

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