Brian “Head” Welch Unsure Of Love And Death’s Future Plans


Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch isn’t quite sure what the future holds for his other group Love And Death. A recent interview with Welch saw him joke about leaving the outfit and expressing his uncertainty towards the groups next move.

“I was real close with Love And Death… and I still am, but it’s just things have shifted you know? And I can see… I’m trying to figure it all out. We just need something to pop for Love And Death, something encouraging….

Before we put out Love And Death‘s album we were called Brian “Head” Welch or whatever… and I was like—people were discouraged and I was like you know what why don’t we get a band name, try this new band thing, and just give it one shot. Put an album out there and see what happens.

If it doesn’t work then we’ll just go the other way. so we really gotta think about, you know, what’s working.”

He later went on to say:

“I think I’ll always do a Love And Death album every few years you know or whatever, I just don’t know how it’s all going to work out.”

You can watch that below:

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