Down Part Ways With Guitarist Kirk Windstein (Updated)


It appears there was a reason for Kirk Windstein‘s absence from the recent Down writing sessions. are reporting that Windstein has exited the group with their stage manager/Honky guitarist Bobby Landgraf stepping up to replace him.

While neither party has addressed the split outright, Windstein himself posted the following earlier today (October 01st):

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“For months now I have been posting that I am concentrating on Crowbar 100% FULL TIME… 2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Crowbar and its a great feeling to put my heart and soul into something that I created so long ago. We are entering the studio 12/16 to record our 10th full length record, look for a late Spring release on E1..See y’all on the road with Crowbar!!!
Thanks Kirk

The rumored move is of course somewhat ironic given Crowbar bassist Pat Bruders‘ recent decision to leave Crowbar for Down.

Update – October 01st 9:30am:

Windstein has followed up with another post, it reads:

I will say it again… With my decision months ago to focus 100% on Crowbar, Pat resigned as our bassist, and I respect his decision because it’s impossible to give 100% to two bands. I am giving my ALL to Crowbar as he is giving his ALL to Down There is no animosity.. drama… Just great music being written by all, and that sounds pretty awesome to me !!!


Update – October 01st 10:27am:
Landgraf has confirmed that he will be replacing Windstein in the band, posting the following statement on his Facebook:

“Feeling very lucky to have this gig w DOWN…. It wouldn’t be the same without Kirk Windsteins blessing. He is Riff Lord and the new Crowbar will be amazing……”