Sylosis Members Hospitalized After RV Accident (Updated)


Sylosis were involved in an RV accident last night (September 24th) while on tour with Trivium, DevilDriver and After The Burial. DevilDriver frontman Dez Fafara offered an update on their condition via his Twitter a few moments ago, stating:

“Here’s what I know @Sylosis was in a RV accident last night .
3 are in the hospital still ….
My thoughts go out to those guys”

“As we get more info ill pass it on to you all please send positive vibes to @Sylosis band ….”

Update – September 25th 10:15 am:

Fafara has given another update that Sylosis have now dropped off of the above-mentioned tour as a result of the crash. His latest tweet reads:

“More @Sylosis news in

Confirmed 3 in hospital
Officially Dropped OFF THE TOUR .

This is so sad ! Send positive thoughts everyone !”

Update – September 25th 10:50 am:

Fafara offered another update:

“@Sylosis … More news coming in apparently they RAN into the back of a tractor trailer full speed -Totaled the RV – 3 in hospital”