Brant Bjork Says Josh Homme & Scott Reeder Are “Shallow People” With “Serious Ego Problems”


Vista Chino‘s John Garcia and Brant Bjork recently chatted at length in regards to the lawsuit they lost against their former bandmates Josh Homme (now of Queens Of The Stone Age) and Scott Reeder. The suit was filed in regards to the usage of Kyuss and Kyuss Lives! trademarks and ruled upon last year.

Speaking with Antiquiet, Bjork was asked if he thought the media got the story straight in regards to the case, he answered:

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“No. The media, you know, nine out of ten times, never gets the story straight. And I think part of [Josh Homme‘s] strategy from day one was to, you know, set things up so the media wouldn’t get things straight. That’s kind of been the cornerstone of Josh’s whole trip for years. And this lawsuit was just a super extreme extension of that kind of manipulation and falsity.

It’s a real drag and it really makes it stressful and painful and frustrating, because you know, he’s got a voice and he’s got a lot of money. When you’re dealing with someone who is aggressive and bitter and bullying you with that kind of power, it’s a difficult thing to manage.”

When asked if the pair thought Homme tried to manipulate the media against them, Bjork replied:

“Well, I think he just wanted to smear us and, I mean, he falsely accused of things that we never did. In fact the irony is that he publicly accused us of something that, technically, he did. If anyone infringed on a trademark, it would have been him. But once again, when you get pulled into a lawsuit, it’s not usually based on law or principle, it’s usually based on economics.

He knew from day one that we don’t stand a chance economically. John and I fought as hard as we could, and we educated ourselves, and I studied the law every day, but in the end we just couldn’t afford to move forward, there was just nothing we could do.”

John Garcia added:

“The whole thing was unnecessary. We never tried to steal the name. I think it could have been settled with one phone call, by Josh calling me and going, ‘hey dude, change the name or I’m going to sue you.’ As simple as that. But it was, you know, I think it was a huge embarrassment, for Scott and Josh, and as well as Brant and I.

Brant and I don’t like parking tickets, let alone federal lawsuits slapped upon our… I mean, who does?”

Later on in the conversation, the pair were asked how the lawsuit affected their relationships with Homme and Reeder—a question to which Bjork replied:

“Well, I mean, Josh and I haven’t been friends for many years. There’s been pockets of time where we’ve been amicable and we tried to deal with our differences and whatever. Over the years, I’ve reached out to try and just kind of smooth things out, and for whatever reason, he just has always continuously fallen into this like, disdain for me.

I don’t know what it is. It’s no big deal to me really. I don’t really care. I don’t need him as a friend, and Scott, I could say the same. I mean, there was a time I respected them as musicians. But after something like this, I don’t have any respect for them. I think they’re shallow people. I think they’ve got serious ego problems, and they’re just all-around negative.

This lawsuit affected me and my family, man, you know? I can’t tolerate that on any level. Scott Reeder and Josh Homme are two people that I just don’t recognize, I don’t believe in them at all.”

Vista Chino will have their debut album in stores this Tuesday, September 03rd, on Napalm Records.

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