Lamb Of God’s Chris Adler Says Performing Live With Protest The Hero Has Not Been Discussed


Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler may never get to flesh out his contributions to Protest The Hero‘s coming new album “Volition” in a live capacity. Speaking through his Facebook earlier today, Adler stated:

“Hey all! Things have been going really well on this trip for us. The band is playing well and much of the hard work we have put in is being rewarded with great slots on the festivals we are doing and huge side shows in between. I feel very lucky to be a part of where we are right now and am enjoying it quite a bit. I’ve now heard the Protest The Hero record and it’s fantastic! I love listening to it and hope you all do as well.

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I’ve been asked many times on this tour that since I played drums on the record if I will be touring with them or would consider playing on other projects. I’m fairly sure my schedule won’t allow for me to properly join their band and tour. As much as I love the music, I love being with my family too! LOL. We shall see as it’s not even something we have discussed. As for other projects, it’s hard to answer that.

I was a fan of PTH and jumped at the chance to step out of my box a little bit, push myself and explore my capabilities. It turned into quite a daunting task, but I’m much better off for it. I think I’d have to evaluate every opportunity in the same way. Obviously my main focus is LOG, it’s still my heart and soul and I’m loving being able to get out and share it with you.

We’ve got a few big announcements coming soon regarding tours that will end the Resolution cycle and a little surprise before the end of the year. Stay tuned – and stay metal! ~Chris

Protest The Hero will release their new album “Volition” on October 29th.

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