I, The Breather Singer: “Musicians Get Treated With Utter Disrespect When We Ask For What We Deserve”


I, The Breather vocalist Shawn Spann has shared his thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding Sleeping With Sirens singer Kellin Quinn charging $80 for an autographed Polaroid/ticket package for their fall tour.

Speaking through his bands own Facebook, Spann stated:

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“Music – Something that has somehow become priceless but yet it makes our world go round. I feel as if i’m walking on thin ice as I write this but oh well, Im a risky kind of guy and i’m not afraid to say what majority of us musicians are thinking. I saw so many FB posts this week with people mad over a “BUNDLE” for purchase via Sleeping With Sirens.

It was blown WAY out of proportion to portray Kellin as some money hungry bad guy when in reality the bundle was actually a very good offer(Kinda sounds like what our media does to us that we always complain about… Just sayin). I just wanna say I honestly feel like we(musicians) get treated with utter disrespect when we ask for what we deserve.

I really want you guys to think about this… You wake up everyday, Goto the job you worked years to get… At the end of the week you receive your paycheck and you celebrate life over the weekend(or by purchasing something you’ve wanted). Sounds fair right? Why cant we share that similar feeling? Why have we amounted to dirt and have to live like were homeless?

I know someone will find a way to pick at this and make me seem like a “bad guy” or that i’m “complaining” or even “money hungry” but the truth is, Im just saying what we(musicians) all think daily. Some of us are fortunate and have things on the side that help us continue to tour, MOST of us don’t, The only talent we have is Music(oh boo hoo thats to bad, You should have went to college).

Well let me say this… Don’t you love some of the music you listen to so much that it is actually capable of saving your life, Changing your horrible mood or even making you feel alive? Its amazing to feel like the band you love shares the same emotions as you isn’t it? That band wouldn’t exist if they went to college.

The years spent learning our trade and acquiring our record deal was our “College” it was just a different course. The band that pretty much saved your life will eventually break up because they cant afford it anymore. Don’t you think so many of your favorite bands would still be together if the industry was properly funded and we could live how we deserved to live?

Ive seen so many friends crumble over the years due to how this industry is. People that I love dearly just devastated because they know the “Dream Career” they worked so hard for has amounted to nothing.

Its time to put an end to this, We deserve to appreciate life and things just as you do. Go on and pick me apart.
P.S Enjoy that cup of coffee you bought at Starbucks this morning, It lasted ya a whole hour ;]