Burzum’s “Varg” Vikernes & His Wife Released From Custody, No Charges Made


Kristian “Varg” Vikernes (Burzum, ex-Mayhem) has been released from custody, as has his wife Marie Cachet. The pair were arrested on suspicions of plotting to commit a terrorist act in France earlier this week following a considerable purchase of firearms made by Cachet. They were released earlier today, July 18th.

According to a report on, police were unable to identify any specific plans related to terrorist activity and thus the couple will face no charges in the matter. Vikernes himself however will be appearing in court in the coming weeks, facing charges of making hate speech in regards to jews and muslims on the internet.

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Further details on that pending case were not provided. Vikernes has remained outspoken on the internet, sometimes expressing his controversial viewpoints through his blog,

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