Gwar’s Oderus Urungus: “At Least In Richmond When We Get Charged With Killing Someone, We Actually Do It” (Updated)


Gwar frontmutant Oderus Urungus certainly isn’t about to toe the company line (or in some instances be tasteful) when it comes to his newly-bailed labelmate Tim Lambesis. The Gwar singer’s penchant for crudely stirring the pot was in full view earlier today, even going so far as to throw Lamb Of God‘s Randy Blythe under the bus at the expense of a potential laugh. Some excerpts from OderusTwitter earlier today include:

“Congratulations to label-mate and cut MF #timlambesis for making bail bro! Now get out there and hire some people to chop us some bitches.

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As far as the tracker-bracelet, I advocate getting one of similar size on the other leg. #timlambesis

However, if the tracker is the latest model, made specifically for celebrities, then it’s practically weightless. Comfy, even. #timlambesis

Then again, you sing for a metal band, so you might not get celebrity status, except with metal fans. #timlambsis You’ve got the old model.

It weighs about eight pounds and is uncomfortable AS SHIT. Plus it hums and shocks. #timlambesis

C’mon Tim, whats the matter? At least in #Richmond when we get charged with killing someone, we actually do it. #randyblythe

Bad thing : Tim can’t leave San Diego except to visit lawyer. Good thing : Lawyer lives in Pago-Pago #timlambesis

Whats that? It’s only Pago now? Why is that? Because it ain’t half the place it used to be. #rimshot”

Update – May 31st 11:21am:

More from Oderus:

“I offered my support and congratulations and they twist my words. This sucks more than the new Slayer album is going to.

I must admit I began to worry about #timlambesis when he changed his Twitter pic to one of his rippling back muscles.

Offended? Rest assured I don’t give a fuck. When the METAL community gets offended, you can be sure something very lame is going on.

Metal is for the un-offendable, for the un-afraid. We can laugh at gallows humor and ghoulish delights. If you can’t try Christian Rock.

Now home, #timlambesis plans to spend time “resting leg on pillow while pumping massive weight”

One sad side-effect from #timlambesis use of steroids…penis has disappeared!

I call him Timmy Turtle” says the roided out ex-frontman.”you need to coax him from his hole. Even then he’s only an inch long!”#timlambesis

#timlambesis speaks out about everything from nuclear proliferation to the hit show “Duck Dynsaty”, using only four words www.hhbhfbbqobqobo”