Bring Me The Horizon Vocalist Tells Fans Not To Believe Ex-Guitarist Regarding “Sempiternal” (Updated)


There appears to be a bit of tension between Bring Me The Horizon and their former guitarist Jona Weinhofen. The following series of tweets from the bands frontman Oliver Sykes were recently made:

“i would like to advise our fans NOT to believe the comments or answers given by @jonaweinhofen regarding our album ‘Sempiternal‘”

“he composed none of the final riffs or music heard on the record, and recorded absolutely nothing heard on the record also.”

“he had no involvement with the lyrics, nor were any lyric meanings ever disclosed to him. we thank our fans for their continued dedication!”

The apparent comments in question which Weinhofen made were not directly specified. Bring Me The Horizon will release their new album “Sempiternal” on April 30th in North America in both standard and deluxe configurations.

Update – February 25th 11:31am:

Weinhofen has responded to Sykes‘ comments via his Twitter, stating:

“Thanks to all my loyal fans for sticking by me during this awkward time. I’m glad you have the ability & sense to make up your own minds given the lack of information and truth you have been provided with regarding this whole Bmth situation.”