Enter Shikari Singer Vents On Charging For Meet And Greets, Says Bands Like Asking Alexandria “Had No Integrity In The First Place”


Enter Shikari frontman Rou Reynolds recently vented on the practice of bands charging their fans for meet and greets via his Twitter. Speaking over a series of tweets earlier today, January 21st, he said:

“If you want to meet us, we’re easy to find after our gigs by our bus. We often still hang out by our merch at smaller shows too. : )”

“The minute an artist is motivated by money instead of interest in simply meeting his fans, he’s lost all integrity and become a prostitute.”

Reynolds followed that up with a reply to a user that complained about Asking Alexandria charging £30 ($47 USD) for meet and greets. In regards to that he stated that “bands like that had no integrity in the first place so doesn’t bother me so much.”

Meanwhile, Enter Shikari will be in the studio next month according to Reynolds. He made the following tweet this past Friday in regards to the sessions:

“In my hotel room writing stuff for Shikari’s recording session in February. Got a bit excited there and headbutted a lamp.”