Soilwork’s New Album To Feature Guest Vocals From New Model Army Singer


Soilwork‘s forthcoming new double album “The Living Infinite” will feature guest vocals from Justin Sullivan of New Model Army on the track, “The Windswept Mercy“.

Soilwork vocalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid said of the pairing:

“It’s a true honor to have one of my absolute favorite lyricists and singers, Justin Sullivan from New Model Army, contributing with guest vocals for our new album. I have been a long-time fan and I recall growing up in the small Swedish city of Landskrona, where so many people listened to the first wave of death metal AND New Model Army, including myself.

I met Justin at a NMA show in Phoenix, Arizona three years ago and we talked quite a bit. He listened very patiently to my story. He also ran out to his tour bus to get his new solo album and gave it to me. I will never forget that. The man is a true legend, a gentleman, and he has a very unique presence in his voice, on stage and in his lyrics. The fact that he wanted to lend his amazing voice to ‘The Windswept Mercy’ brought me to tears. He will forever be my hero!”

The Living Infinite” will arrive in stores next year.