I Declare War Part Ways With Guitarist Evan Hughes


I Declare War have moved on without guitarist Evan Hughes. He recently spoke of his dismissal from the outfit via his Twitter, stating the following:

“Just so everyone knows, because I’ve been asked about it a few times already, I won’t be part of the upcoming tour with The Acacia Strain. As much as I hate saying it, I’m not even a part of I Declare War anymore. It was not my decision. I’m pretty goddamn torn up about it. I’m getting a lot of questions. I’m sorry I can’t reply to everyone right now, but look for me later this month on the Hatebreed/WC tour. Just know that every decision I ever made in my life in the past 6 years was with the band first. I appreciate every single one of you.”

As mentioned above, Hughes has been touring with Whitechapel as of late, doing guitar teching.