Gallows Singer Wade MacNeil Slams The Gaslight Anthem On Twitter


Gallows frontman Wade MacNeil recently lobbed a less than flattering tweet at The Gaslight Anthem vocalist/guitarist, Brian Fallon. You can read the missive below:

“Recently found out that @brianmfallon hates my old band. Luckily, @VICE summarized what I think of his …”

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The tweet saw MacNeil, who was apparently referring to his old band Alexisonfire, link to this less than flattering article on Vice which alleged The Gaslight Anthem are the “worst band on earth.”

While MacNeil didn’t reply, Fallon followed up with the below series of tweets:

“@dirtyblacklungs I dont even know who your old band is there, guy. Wonderful to meet you. ”

“@dirtyblacklungs hey, how about you direct message me an not talk shit on the Internet? ”

“Dont worry… I’m a grown up. There’s no fighting and I never heard an Alexis on Fire in my life to like or not like. #askfirstshootlater ”

“Just checked out alexisonfire…solid band. Love the Gallows! sorry @dirtyblacklungs but I like you. Good luck with everything! ”

“Hey… leave the guy alone. He probably heard a rumor or some misquoted press. All love. Let him be, everybody’s just trying to get by.”