Ex-The Haunted Singer Peter Dolving Launches House Of Dolving, Rants On The Music Industry


Ex-The Haunted singer Peter Dolving has launched an outfit dubbed House Of Dolving. In addition to their own music, the group will also perform material from his various past outfits, including The Haunted, MaryBeatsJane and more. Here’s what he had to say about the group in his own words:

House Of Dolving.

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Sounds kinda cheesy and pretencious. But I like it. And it the only way that can offer a way to explain/present what the hell I/we are doing.

So far this has been losely knit. Slowly growing more stable.

I am putting a core liveband together with Johan Reivén(LOK, InAPigsEye, Thåström etc.), Peter Asp(Bombus, MaryBeatsJane, Stillborn, Is 9 etc), and Thomas Brandt(LOK etc.)

Guest musicians/artists will appear.

We will rock songs by Peter Dolving, MaryBeatsJane, The Haunted, Zen Monkey, BringTheWarHome etc. etc.

I intend having this machine up and rolling by November 2012.

This will be a touring entity of sorts, when you see House of Dolving on the bill, that means you can expect some of the best and coolest live musicians performing with me, and sometimes without me, playing really fucking good music.

The first outing for House Of Dolving is this baby; Thieves And Liars.

More later.

Peace! / PD”

A song from “Thieves And Liars” titled “Hands On” can be found over at Bandcamp. The project is currently slated for an October 24th release date. Fan-funding is being sought for the group at, with Dolving offering:

“So why the hell don’t I just go to a record company?

Why don’t we just go to one of the indies or Warner, or Sony and say “Here, here’s a great product”

The answer is simple; It would be easy, if they were really interested in traditional capitalism, ai. SELLING A PRODUCT.

Those days are long gone.

The majors are now the people who work there. Their main priorities are not making money for
their companies and their clients/partners(allthough they occasionally by fluke chance do that too…).

Instead the level of intrapersonal agendas and ingroup politics has so deteriorated the construct to the point where the recordlabels have become pointless whales, struggling like obese sealions for their survival. And the people within the structure are more concerned with their own paycheck than their loyalty to their employers.

The indies are too busy finding ways to keep their companies from drowing to have time or a genuine interest in individual artists.


Can an artist reach an audience today?


Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.etc. are all open for business.

However, we are not looking at an equal playing-field.

The major-labels having better clout, get better rates per click A LOT better rates. Some might wonder why.

Because they simply OWN more music. No mystery. Power.

Artists all get less money than the LABELS do. Simple gross-capitalism. The Biggest fish in the pond… etc.

Problem is; This destroys artistic incentive.

If attention and ego-boosting is all individual artists are looking for; Fine. The old construction will work for that.

But to build a strong solid firmament to deliver great fucking art and entertainment, in a capitalist world one needs hard cash folks.

Todays relic of a business entity, known as” The Recording Industry” is an obstacle to that.

They are inhabited by assholes, “nice people” or incompentents who just watch their own back and silently stall. Generally the do not give a fuck about the music or entertainment as a whole, and thsoe who have managed to stay within the busniess longer than 5 years have become cynical bastards as they have realise that ANYTHING can be sold.

Now the structure creates a base where these are the alternatives;

A. Produce any old crap that functions for formula-marketing. Don’t invest yourself, and place your bet on your trust-fund while you do the Good-time-rounds at the summerfestivals. Be a happy go lucky attention whore and eventually disappear back to your trust-fund, model-job or PR/designer-job before the end of the month.


B. Produce great, solid, thought provoking and inspiring art, entertainment and the skill to deliver it.

The idea with House Of Dolving is stick to option B.

Since the business of “Selling Music” has been rendered completely useless from a capital-accumulative perspective by the Majorlabels and actors like Spotify, and must be seen as “promotion-only” an artist MUST tour.

The live arena provides opportunity for the consumer to enter and fully enjoy the purest interaction. It also provides a platform to sell hands on products like actual CD’s, Tshirts and other art in connection to the “Artist”.

The opportunities are plenty. Clubs and livestages are abundant. But unless you have solid marketing, you are not getting the gig. Fact.

To market is not really that hard. But it takes diligence and time, hence; MONEY!

If you are wondering, this is one of the reasons I hate Capitalism. Only the ones crafty enough make it. I am not really worried for myself, but people with no real hang of the fine mechanics of it do a fucking botch job and hurt people along the way.

So, can I do “The Capitalism”. Sure. I just don’t like it much.”

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